TomiAdamsTomi Adams, Managing Broker of A-Plus Property Management & Consulting, currently holds several Indiana licenses, including a managing broker’s license, and is the owner of A-Plus Property Management & Consulting, LLC in Westfield, IN. She has worked in manufactured home community management and the service & supply business since 1984. She has been actively involved with the Indiana Manufactured Housing Assn, serving on a crucial legislative committee during 2016/2017 and their Board of Directors. She has also served as President of the Capital City MH Chapter for the last two years.

Tomi started her property management and consulting firm in 2014 after working for many years under other brokers and after receiving inspiration from the Rent Manager conference held in Marco Island, FL, in Nov., 2013. She owes a debt of gratitude to both her former employer for sending her to that conference and to LCS for giving her the confidence that she could handle the job on her own. She now operates a multi-faceted property management portfolio including single family rental houses, apartments, condo’s, and manufactured home communities. As a freelance consultant, she specializes in Indiana specific abandoned and problematic manufactured home titling projects, serving as one of only two known consultants in this profession in the Indiana market.

Tomi has been a Rent Manager user for 11 years, beginning with the DOS version in 2006, and continuing with Xi from 2007 through current. She attended the very first RM Conference at Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, IN, in 2007 and is thrilled to have her first opportunity to be a presenter today.