Full Session Descriptions

RMUC.22 will feature over 70 sessions in 8 unique tracks. Check out what each track entails below!

Please note that all RMUC.22 sessions will be taught in either Rent Manager Express, Rent Manager 12, or a combination of both.

Beginner Track

This track is designed for novice members of the Rent Manager family. No previous experience is required to attend these sessions. These classes consist of more “fundamental” Rent Manager topics that apply to a wide variety of job roles.

Advanced Track

This track is built for seasoned Rent Manager professionals looking to take their operations to a new level. These sessions often require extensive pre-requisite knowledge to be able to keep up. There is very little “how to” in these sessions. Instead, we will focus on ideas, what’s possible in Rent Manager, and why you may want to implement features in a particular way.

Roundtable Track

This track is your opportunity to rub elbows with your peers and share ideas, opinions, and industry best practices. Our team will help facilitate lively and productive discourse on many of the hot topics facing management companies today. Many of these industry roundtables have a companion class in the Property Management track where you can learn about industry-specific RM features first before participating in these open discussions.

Professional Development

This track includes sessions designed to help facilitate professional and career growth. These sessions will not always have a Rent Manager element. Instead, these classes seek to provide bigger conversations about the property management industry, ways to improve your communication and leadership skills, etc.

Partner Integrations

This track includes sessions presented by other companies in our Integration Partner Program. These businesses provide unique services that integrate with Rent Manager using our Application Programming Interface (API). The goal of these courses is to introduce you to these partners, what they can offer your business, and how to get started in partnering with them.


This track explores the products, features, and strategies within Rent Manager that help you manage your leasing and marketing efforts. These sessions will emphasize ways to “put your best foot forward” with potential and current tenants.

Property Management

This track explores the essential tools in Rent Manager that can be used to effectively manage industry-specific properties. Many of these sessions have a companion Roundtable class scheduled immediately after this instructional overview. This track is fast-paced and primarily intermediate-level, meaning you may need some preexisting knowledge to get the most out of each session.


This track examines financial features and preferred integrations within Rent Manager. You’ll learn how to complete key financial tasks within Rent Manager and how to report on those activities. The difficulty of these sessions will range from intermediate to advanced, meaning some degree of pre-requisite knowledge to get the most out of each class.