Monday, October 26th / 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Level: Rent Manager Overview
Pre-Requisite: Register Prior to Conference
Requirements: Laptop (or Tablet + Keyboard)
NARPM Certified: Yes!
CPE Certified: Specialized Knowledge & Applications (6)

This Bootcamp teaches the standard skills necessary to become a core-certified Rent Manager user. But what does that even mean? Good question! A “core-certified” user knows how to perform all the basic functions needed to successfully manage properties within Rent Manager. You understand how portfolios are set up, you can navigate the program, process receivables and payables, and complete the tenant life cycle. You’ll learn how to do all this through a combination of live instruction and practice activities.


But this Bootcamp does more than help you feel certified, it gives you the chance to prove it! Each participant will receive a free voucher ($150 value) to schedule and take the official Rent Manager Core Certification Test at some point during RMUC.20. This is a hands-on, activity-driven assessment where you actually perform these critical tasks within a sample Rent Manager database.


Successfully completing these activities will earn you the official Rent Manager Core Certification that tells the whole world you’ve got the basics under your belt.


Please note you are by no means required to take the test, but it’s a free voucher, so why not give it a shot? This Bootcamp is a tremendous and cost-conscious opportunity to add a Rent Manager certification to your personal resume.


Furthermore, all attendees will be provided lunch and a mid-afternoon break with snacks and drinks.


Whether you’re new to Rent Manager or could benefit from a refresher before RMUC.20 gets underway, the Rent Manager Certification Bootcamp is a must-experience event!



Listed below is the timeline of events for the Bootcamp to give you a sense of what to expect in this 7-hour interactive course. These times are subject to change.