Jen Sells HeadshotHead of Sales

Seattle, Washington


Jen Sells is the Head of Sales at Latchel, an award winning proptech startup company made to help property managers streamline their maintenance operations and increase their annual revenue through a resident amenity program.

Jen has been a part of Latchel since the company was founded in 2017. She moved from the Operations Department into Sales in 2019 and helped scale the company over 400 times by sharing with property managers how to maximize their own growth.

Prior to joining Latchel, Jen was an Asset Manager overseeing over 250 luxury apartments and just under 1million square feet in commercial space.

In her spare time, Jen loves hiking the PNW with her son, husband, and two rescue pups. She also enjoys a good glass of wine (or bourbon), cooking, binge-watching Sci-Fi shows, attending sporting events, and volunteering with her local Rotary club (5030).