Ashli Allen_headshot

Rent Manager Sales Liaison & Team Lead
Columbus, Ohio

Ashli Allen has been employed with AmRent for 13 years. Initially, she worked in the Consumer Assistance Department handling inbound consumer calls after an adverse rental housing decision. When that department moved to the Pittsburgh office, she transitioned into a special projects and research role learning more about the AmRent database and industry compliance requirements.  Ashli is now the Team Lead for AmRent’s Specialized Services group that works with thousands of 500 units and smaller customers. She has received certifications from the CDIA as a Consumer Interviewer and General Knowledge Awareness of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Ashli has been named the Rent Manager Sales Liaison, being the front line person to explain AmRent products and services and how they can be delivered from the Rent Manager platform.

This is Ashli’s third time attending the Rent Manager® User Conference, and her second as a presenter!